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Filipino Courtship Traditions Foreign Men MUST Follow

A photo of a woman posing with white flowers in the background Filipino courtship traditions should be followed if you wish to win a Filipino woman’s heart. | Photo by James Reyes on Pexels

There is one essential rule every foreign man must understand if they want to have a dalagang Pilipina (a single Filipina) in their arms, and that is to take note of certain Filipino courtship traditions before thinking about getting into a relationship with one.

This long-standing and symbolic Filipino tradition is one that has stayed even throughout the changes in Philippine lifestyle, history, and technology.

Still, this beautiful and unique part of Filipino culture continues to appeal not only to locals, but also to tourists and foreigners alike.

The Filipina girl you love will greatly appreciate it if you can do these things for her.

These courtship traditions are signs of a man’s great interest in the woman they are trying to woo.

Yes, it will require effort, time, and dedication, but the end result is one that will make it all worthwhile.

It is as if you are giving a part of yourself to a Filipina even before she has given her sweet yes to you.

Nothing can be more romantic than that. No Filipina can ever resist a disciplined and serious foreign man like you who is genuine enough to respect their courtship traditions.

If you are ready to commit to that special Filipina in your life and make her yours, let these courtship traditions help you out:

Filipino courtship tradition 1: Harana.

Music is one of the things that represents Filipino culture. It is even known globally how Filipinos are incredibly gifted when it comes to singing.

So it comes as no surprise that music plays a major role in their courtship practices.

Serenades, or known in Filipino as harana, is where a man would basically introduce himself to the lady by singing to her.

In the old times, it would require you to set the serenade at night, under the moonlight by her window.

However, today, this can be performed even without waiting for a specific time.

Filipinos love singing, and you can do this for her any time of the day.

Belt out the most romantic song you know, or go for the wow factor and sing a well-known Filipino song. You can also come up with an original song of your own.

However you wish to serenade her, just remember to keep the essence of making your intentions known.

Filipino courtship tradition 2: Paninilbihan.

This translates to servitude — not only to that of the Filipina you want to impress, but also to her family.

However, this does not mean that you have to wait on them.

This practice only requires you to visit the woman and her household more often than usual, and possibly with thoughtful gifts in hand.

Not only does this give you an opportunity to know more about her and her family, but it will also show them how serious you are with your intentions.

It is, however, expected of you to at least offer to help around the house. Whether it is to prepare the food, assist with the upkeep of the house, or even look after her little cousins, you must be the first one to step up.

Family is very important to a Filipina, and if you cannot sway her parents and extended relatives to your favor, then you will have to show more of that servitude and effort.

Filipino courtship tradition 3: Chaperoned dates.

Filipinas are, of course, allowed to go out on dates. The only thing is that their families, primarily the parents, would mostly want other adults to accompany them during some of these dates.

Most Philippine families still observe these practices of modesty and of keeping guard of their children.

It is an admirable act, if not sweet.

You do not need to fret about having someone else tag along with your special time with your Filipina date. Through this, you can prove to her chaperone, as well as her family, that you are a trustworthy and respectful man when it comes to her boundaries.

You may not be allowed to be left alone with her, but at the very least, you are a step closer to her heart.

Filipino courtship tradition 4: Tulay.

Tulay, which is a Filipino word for bridge, is commonly seen in many budding relationships between a Filipina and her suitor.

In this case, a courtship setup with a Filipina will require someone in between. This may happen even before you approach the Filipino woman you’re interested in, regardless if you’re a foreign man or not.

This is a good thing to remember: No matter how much you like a Filipino woman, you must never approach her out of the blue - in the street or even at a party.

Do not randomly ask for her name, number, or address, lest you be branded a suspicious person.

Filipinas do not just feel attraction for an unknown man at first sight.

If you still want to pursue her, now is the perfect time to find a middle person, or someone whom you both know and trust to become your connection.

This wingman can convince her about you and vouch for your honest intentions.

This way, you are already one step closer to winning her trust. Soon, with the assistance and insistence of your bridge, you can communicate with her directly and even ask to take her out some time.

Filipino courtship tradition 5: Pamamanhikan.

This step is considered the last of the whole courtship process.

If you have reached this stage merrily, then it only means you want to take your relationship with that special Filipina to a higher level - to something more serious.

You, as the man who wants to court a Filipino woman, must visit the parents, sometimes even including extended families, for the sole reason of asking for their approval.

Her family’s blessing must be bestowed before you can even think of cohabiting with her or anything pertaining to living together on your own.

At this stage, you may even have to lay out your plans for the future.

To show more sincerity in your words and actions, you should bring along your own family members as well. This way, everyone gets to offer their opinion, as well as know one another’s families better.

Do this smoothly and that resounding yes is surely within reach.

Filipino Courtship and What It Means to Her

Sure, it’s easy to fall for a Filipina. (Well, what’s not to love about her?)

But it’s also a fact that it is a bit harder to get her to say yes to you.

According to Filipino courtship traditions, a man must go through these steps as they will also serve as a test — a test of will, patience, and most of all, love.

If you believe she’s the one, you wouldn’t mind considering these Filipino courtship traditions, right? In the end, you’ll see that a beautiful Filipina makes it all worth it.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 10 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 16 July, 2024
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