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Spending Holidays with Filipina Women

A close up photo of someone decorating a Christmas tree Learn more about how Filipina women celebrate the holiday season. | Photo by Sophie Elvis on Unsplash

Not only does dating Filipina women give you the assurance of having a great life partner, but it also gives you the chance to experience fun things, like the holiday season. It’s the most wonderful time and there’s no other perfect place to celebrate Christmas than in the Philippines, that’s for sure.

For most countries, the holiday season starts and ends in the month of December, but for the Philippines, Christmas starts as early as September and ends as late as January the next year. Well, the country is not well-known to have long holidays for nothing.

With this, the Philippines is bound to have more Christmas traditions than other countries. Instead of having a simple family dinner and giving presents like in some cultures, the Philippines, when it comes to celebrating Christmas, has a few more special and unique additions.

If you are dating a Filipina and want to spend the holiday season in her hometown, buckle yourself up because rest assured that you will experience different exciting Christmas practices.

To give you an idea of these practices, here are some unique ways Filipino women celebrate the holidays:

  1. Attending Simbang Gabi
  2. The first thing you will experience when spending the holidays with a Filipino woman in the Philippines is attending the nine consecutive masses that are celebrated from December 16 to December 24.

    In traditional Filipino culture, Roman Catholics will wake up at 4 am to attend the early morning mass, which is called Simbang Gabi. This time as well, Filipino delicacies like puto bumbong and sikwate (rice cakes and hot cocoa) are sold by local vendors after the mass.

  3. Setting up a Belen
  4. Belen is also called the nativity scene. This is another symbol of how Filipino women celebrate Christmas, and is often seen in schools, establishments, and houses.

    The tableau depicts the nativity of Jesus Christ in the manger with Mary, Joseph, the Magi, some animals, as well as the shepherds and their flock. If you live with your Filipino woman, expect that she will display this in your home, too.

  5. Displaying Parol and Christmas Lights
  6. Parol means lantern in the Philippines, and this is another common sight in every Filipino home during Christmas. Each city in the country has a different way of crafting their own Christmas lanterns, but all have the same purpose, that is to celebrate Christmas.

    If you are celebrating the holidays in the Philippines together with your Filipina lady, you will see different kinds of Filipino Christmas parols hanging in your home, in the streets, and even in your neighborhood. You will also witness how each Filipino home shines like the stars with its colorful Christmas lights.

  7. Playing Filipino Christmas Songs
  8. Tired of hearing the same Filipino Christmas songs all over again? Well, you better get used to it because you will hear these songs until the holidays end.

    Playing Original Pilipino Music (OPM) Christmas songs is another way Filipina women celebrate Christmas. Some will even create a playlist of all Christmas carols, from old songs to new ones. If you’re dating a Filipino woman, don’t be shocked if she suddenly sings along to these beautiful songs. If you don’t want to be left out, try your best and learn the songs.

  9. Christmas Caroling
  10. Just like in other countries, Christmas caroling is perfectly common. However, instead of showcasing good vocals and bringing different instruments, the caroling experience in the Philippines is a humorous event.

    In fact, everyone can join in during a Christmas carol—kids, parents, and even the elders. Mispronounced words and made-up lyrics don’t matter as long as the message is there. When you spend the holidays with your Filipina girl, make sure to prepare tons of coins to give to the carolers because you will see them often every night.

  11. Exchanging Gifts
  12. Exchanging gifts in the Philippines is quite different from other countries. Instead of simply handing out presents to people, Filipinos have to sing a classing song, which is the I Love My Manita/Manito, as well as describe whoever their Manito or Manita is.

    This usually happens within families, schools, and even offices. If you are in the Philippines with your Filipina lady, you will most likely be obliged to join this fun experience. Besides, ‘tis the season of giving and making people happy by giving presents.

  13. Giving Aguinaldo
  14. This is another way of giving gifts in the Philippines. However, this time, presents are gifted by godparents to their godchildren. There’s different types of gifts to give during Christmas—it can be clothes, toys, shoes, but the most common one is cash.

    So don’t be shocked if your Filipina woman is spending too much on material things and don’t even question why she’s giving out cash to kids because it’s part of their traditional practices during the holidays.

  15. Welcoming Christmas at Midnight
  16. Lastly, almost every Filipino will stay up all night on the 24th of December to welcome Christmas at exactly 12 midnight, marking the beginning of the 25th. They also tend to have their Christmas dinner at midnight, instead of on Christmas eve or Christmas night.

    If you want to celebrate the holidays with a Filipina lady together with her family, you have to be more patient. Besides, the hours of waiting is definitely worth it because you will indulge in a variety of Filipino Christmas dishes—lechon, spaghetti, fruit salad, hamon, queso de bola, among others.

Celebrating Christmas Like No Other

Indeed, it’s more fun in the Philippines, even during the Christmas season. From decorating every corner of the house with Christmas lanterns and lights to preparing delicious Christmas dishes, the Philippines has one of the most fun holiday experiences.

In fact, it doesn’t matter how big or small the Christmas tree and lanterns are or how many Christmas lights are displayed, what’s important for beautiful Filipino women and every Filipino family is that they are happily celebrating the season with their loved ones.

Ready to meet beautiful and amazing Filipina women up close? Get the chance to celebrate the most festive time of the year with them! Sign up and join our singles vacation tours in the Philippines now!

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 10 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 16 July, 2024
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