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Things Men MUST DO While Dating Filipinas

A photo of a beautiful Filipino woman smiling Dating Filipinas is an exciting and worthwhile experience. | Photo by James Reyes on Pexels

Dating Filipinas is the dream for many foreign men, whether they find these lovely women through various international dating sites or first meet with them in real life.

Where else can you find such warm, caring, cheerful, and gorgeous Asian women other than in the Philippines?

Plus, have you noticed just how many of these women share an interest in having a relationship with a foreigner?

While these women don’t require extravagant efforts and gestures from men who want to impress them, there are, however, specific things that are important for Filipino women, especially when it comes to considering their suitors.

For any man who is truly intent on winning the heart of a Filipino woman, he must be ready to face unfamiliar situations, both fun and at times, fearsome.

Wondering what these unknown hurdles are that stand before you and your chance at having a perfect love story?

Learn more about them below and see if you can dare face them all just so you can woo that special Filipina you are planning to date.

1. Dating Filipinas means meeting her whole clan.

A Filipino woman’s family comes first in her list of priorities, above all else.

If you want to rank anywhere near them, you must be with them. Being with her family means knowing every family member she has, from nuclear to extended.

It may seem intimidating at first, but if you look at it carefully, meeting the clan is more fun than stressful.

This experience will show you first hand what dating Filipino women means as it shows you the unique Filipino family dynamics, as well as how much familial relationships matter when you’re in a relationship with a Filipina.

An important tip for you: Get comfortable with calling her parents as if they were your uncle and aunt, and her older kin as if they were your own family, because that’s what you are now — her family.

2. House work is part of Filipino culture.

You might be surprised about this fact, but you must understand that doing household chores is an integral part of keeping a Filipino home in perfect order.

Men who prove themselves useful at home are those who can easily earn a Filipina’s love without question.

It is in their culture for men to share the responsibility of taking care of the house, so being with a Filipina means you will eventually be introduced to such tasks.

Don’t worry, there is no need to go all out and chop some wood. Household chores in these times include learning how to manage groceries, prepare food, and pick up after yourself, simple as that.

One of the basic facts about chores is it helps a person grow into becoming a mature adult who will understand why it’s important to share responsibilities around the house.

That’s not much to ask for, right? These things can even bring you closer to the Filipina you’re dating as you spend more time together doing these tasks.

3. You’ll always have a full stomach when dating a Filipina.

Now this is something to be excited about.

Filipino women love to share their food as much as they love to cook. In effect, being the man a Filipino girl is dating, you will never go hungry as long as you are with her.

Filipinos eat at least three heavy meals a day, all rice-based. Having snacks in between can also be more filling than what you are used to.

They don’t hold back on the food servings, and they will treat each meal preparation as if it were a feast.

No local or foreigner will ever find this part of dating a Filipina a downside, so be sure that your palate is ready and that you do not disrespect their traditional dishes even if they are unknown to you.

You’ll only need a bit of time to get used to some of their dishes, and once you do, it’s cloud nine every meal time.

4. Karaoke is a favorite pastime among Filipino women.

When you start dating a Filipina, you will find yourself in stiff competition with her, particularly in a fight for a higher karaoke score.

It is common knowledge that the Philippines houses one of the most talented people in the world. Whatever field you send them to, Filipinos will top them, most especially when it comes to singing.

Filipinos are very joyful and they show it most of the time by belting out their singing voices through a karaoke machine — which you can find at almost every household in the country.

Expect that your Filipina gal will take you to a fun karaoke place for some snacks and light beer from time to time. If you want to connect with her, give it your all by hitting those notes.

Don’t fret about going toe to toe with her, just sing and wow her with your effort and have fun — that’s the true essence of Filipino parties.

5. Have a “pasalubong” for a Filipina and her family.

With the thousands of beautiful islands to visit in the Philippines, it’s almost a given for you and your date to go on a series of romantic getaways.

That’s nice and all, but have you noticed how your Filipina date almost always buys a souvenir from every place you visit?

What’s shocking for most foreign men is the number of keychains, magnets, and shirts that are bought every time they go somewhere new.

No, she’s not planning to resell them or trying to squeeze your funds dry.

These souvenirs are called “pasalubong” in Filipino, and they show a person’s generosity and love towards those who will receive them, which in this case, are their friends and family members.

No matter how small and simple a “pasalubong” is, Filipinos give it deep value and great care. You can even see some of these displayed around their homes.

What this means for you is you should have an initiative to find the best souvenirs to give out to the important people in her life, even if it’s just her family.

This way, you are not only earning her love, but also the affection of those around her.

Go back to the first item on this list and you’ll understand how important this step is in winning a Filipino woman’s heart.

There Is Always More to Dating Filipinas

One of the many signs a Filipina likes you is if you manage to respect her customs and traditions once you start dating her.

To increase your chances of gaining her trust and earning her love, the aforementioned things are a must in the courting process. They are fun and interesting experiences that you won’t actually consider as requirements, either.

Maintain a positive outlook and be sincere with your efforts, and in no time, you’ll be one step closer to having a wonderful experience in dating Filipinas.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 10 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 16 July, 2024
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