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Dating a Filipina: Be the Perfect Partner This National Lover’s Day

A Filipino woman resting on a hammock. If there are signs a Filipina likes you, grab the chance and don’t ever let her go.

Filipinas are one of a kind.

Known for their features that are a mixture of different races, Filipino women also have traits and values that are uniquely Filipino. They have this natural desire to make people smile around them. You will hardly find Filipina women disrespecting the elderly. Aside from that, they are also dedicated to learning different things. This is why they are capable of running the household by themselves. Thus, with their grace and sophistication, they are the perfect brides.

Now, if you are already dating a Filipina and you don’t want to let her go, understand the importance of courtship in the Philippines.

Keep in mind that the Philippines is a conservative country. Unlike countries in the West, Filipino dating culture values romantic expression the most. There may be slight changes as time goes by, but this value still remains. This is why you should continue keeping the sparks alive even after a Filipina agrees to be your partner.

One of the best ways to prove to your Filipina partner how much she means to you is by courting her again. National Lover’s Day is the perfect time to do so. This special day for couples is celebrated every April 23. Although there’s no definite origin for this celebration, this is the most romantic time to spoil your Filipina partner.

To help you prepare, here’s a list of romantic things to do with your Filipina partner this National Lover’s Day.

Write her a love letter.

No one hates receiving love letters.

In the olden days, a suitor would write a letter to the girl he liked and ask a friend to give it to her. If the girl likes the sender, she’ll respond. That’s when the courtship usually begins.

But even with the times changing, writing a love letter is still a romantic way to court a woman.

You can write your vows on any piece of paper. Choose the right envelope or create your very own. Then, send it to her personally.

If you are living far from the Philippines, send it to her virtually. There are tons of websites and applications online that let you customize your letter. This may be a different approach, but the thought is the same.

Walk around while holding hands.

You don’t have to spend money to go on romantic dates. You can just stroll around with your partner on National Lover’s Day. Walk in the park or go window shopping. Hold hands and talk about everything. Most Filipinas don’t really care about money. Just make time and be with her on this very special day.

Give her practical gifts.

Most Filipinas are practical. They are raised to understand the value of money. They are not easily persuaded by high-end brands. Rather, they look for the price and quality of the product. So, look for practical products when looking for gifts to give her this National Lover’s Day.

Your gift doesn’t have to be expensive, though. You just have to choose ones that are sentimental to your partner. It can be a popular food that she used to eat when she was a kid. Or a toy that she never had growing up. Remember, Filipinas value the thought and gesture more than the gift itself. So, choose your gift wisely.

Surprise her with a romantic date.

Filipinas are not picky. You can bring your partner anywhere, and she will still love it.

She won’t mind if you bring her to a fast-food chain like Jollibee or Mcdonald’s. If she knows that you don’t have the budget, she’ll even bring you to any street food stalls. This is one of the many benefits of dating a Filipina.

However, if you really want to get fancy, prepare a dinner date at home. Cook the food she likes. Order takeout if you don’t know how to cook. Prepare the dinner table. Add candles to make the ambiance more romantic. Lastly, dance with her while playing her favorite music. Regardless, if you prepare the food or order takeout, she’ll appreciate the gesture nonetheless.

Serenade her.

Have you heard about harana?

Harana is one of the most romantic courtship traditions in the Philippines. When translated into English, it means serenade. It is when a man woos a woman by singing her Filipino love songs called kundiman. Mostly, harana is made during nighttime since the moon adds a more romantic ambiance to the whole performance.

However, if you are far from your Filipina partner, you can still serenade her through video messaging applications. Just practice the specific songs that you want to sing. Make it even more heartwarming by asking her friends and family to help you set up the whole virtual harana. If you don’t know any kundiman or Filipino songs, sing the ones you know in your language. What matters the most is that you express your love.

Court her family.

Family matters the most to a Filipina. Her whole life revolves around making them happy and satisfied. So, if you are dating her, you are also dating her whole clan.

That said, this National Lover’s Day, give them a visit. Serenade them. Convince them that you are worthy. Bring gifts if you have the budget. You don’t have to be flashy. The whole idea is to talk to them about your love for their daughter.

Remember, this is a crucial part of her dating culture. Filipino families are very protective of their daughters. They want to make sure that they can trust you. So, show them that you have good intentions.

Be the perfect man.

A Filipina in a wedding dress. Benefits of dating a Filipina? They are just a different kind.

Filipinas are the perfect brides. They are dedicated to their family. They give respect to everyone around them. And they know the value of dedication at work and at home. So, if there are signs a Filipina likes you, show that you are worthy of her love, too.

This means that this National Lover’s Day, do something romantic. Bring her to places she’s never been to. Show her and her family that you want to be with her forever. Overall, be the best man for your Filipina partner.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 17 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 23 July, 2024
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