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Handling Your Intimacy Issues and Expectations on Valentine’s Day

A couple sitting on a bench. International dating sites are gaining popularity while helping hopeful singles find love overseas.

Oh, Valentine’s day. The one day of the year that allows you to celebrate your love. That is if you’re a happy couple in a healthy relationship.

But if it is the other way around, will Valentine’s Day only remind you of the gaps and cracks in your failing relationship? If so, how do you overcome your intimacy issues and expectations from each other on this supposedly romantic day?

One of the most challenging parts of being in a relationship is addressing each other’s issues and lapses. They need to be resolved through the right means and shouldn’t be put off longer than necessary.

But for most couples, it becomes a difficult thing to do. They either fail to communicate or simply refuse to acknowledge that the relationship needs a little fixing.

This matter will become more of a problem, especially if you’re dating a woman who’s not completely compatible with you. After all, chemistry is not everything in a relationship. Hence, being with the right person should be an utmost priority.

For that to be possible, you need to date the right woman. But if you’re unsure how to meet and find someone in this day and age, it’s time you try international dating. This way, you’d meet hundreds of single and beautiful ladies whom you couldn’t talk to before. It allows you to interact with more potential partners, thus increasing your chances of finding the one.

Although it’s tough to look for a decent partner, meeting the right woman will make everything meaningful and worth it. But how do you know you found her?

Well, look no further.




These are some of the characteristics that make a woman an ideal partner, and you can find them in most Filipinas. Born and raised to be traditional and conservative, these ladies from the Philippines prove that the way to their hearts is perseverance and sincerity.

So, if you’re dating a Filipino woman, you are truly a lucky man. And if you’re having some difficulties in your relationship, intimacy-wise, you’re on the right page.

This Valentine’s Day, overcome your relationship issues and work towards a better and more fulfilling relationship.

The Importance of Proper Communication

One common mistake couples make is taking communication for granted. If you can’t be honest with each other because you fear being rejected, you’re bound to lose your intimacy, and this explains why you need to understand the importance of proper communication. Some other factors that might affect your intimacy are: hesitating to admit your weaknesses, failing to emotionally connect with each other, and believing that talking about things can’t help.

The quality of your communication affects the level of intimacy in your relationship. This means that failing to talk about meaningful things will make you grow apart from each other, and would defeat the whole purpose and essence of being together itself.

An image of a couple holding each other’s hands. Beauty, wit, and personality are not the only characteristics foreign men appreciate in Filipinas.

If you want to work on improving your communication, start by leaving your doubts and reservations behind because you shouldn’t be held back by these negativities. Know where you both stand in your relationship, and take it from there.

Most importantly, don’t be afraid to speak up. A Filipina’s heart is as warm as it comes, and she wants the same thing for your relationship too.

The Unspoken Things About Intimacy

Having the right blend of intimacy in relationships is key. As a couple, you must know how to make good use of your compatibility to strengthen your relationship and form a deeper sense of connection.

Though you may have hectic schedules and important matters to attend to, don’t let them get in the way. And if you’re physically far, use it to your advantage by being more intimate than you should.

Since it’s the season of love, exchange those expensive bouquets and romantic cards for tighter hugs and sweeter kisses. Put down your gadgets and catch up on everything that’s going on in both your lives.

Talk about your future, your fears, your weaknesses and pain, and freely let yourselves be vulnerable. Make it your goal to make each other feel safe in your presence. Later on, you’ll realize that it’s totally worth being in this fulfilling kind of relationship.

And if you’re thinking of how to increase physical intimacy in a relationship, spend more quality time with each other and hold hands more. These may be little steps, but they will help pave the way to a more intimate bond.

After all, intimacy begins in finding yourselves in each other.

Talking About Your Holiday Expectations

You’re likely to ruin your Valentine’s Day if you don’t make yourselves clear about what you want for the holiday. Let each other know how you wish to celebrate and what you expect on that day.

While you’re at it, be sure to take this subject seriously. Your aim here is to meet halfway and have a memorable celebration on the day of hearts. Keep in mind that she isn’t a mind reader, so there’s no reason to assume she knows your take on this.

A rose on top of a card. Having a healthy kind of intimacy in relationships can help couples last together.

Most importantly, avoid making assumptions that what pleases you pleases her as well. While it’s great to be with someone whom you can completely relate to, your partner’s preference is beyond your control, and you have no other choice than to accept and respect it.

If you’re unable to understand each other on this, you’ll only end up having a disappointing Valentine’s Day.

One Out of 365

There’s no rule on how to celebrate Valentine’s Day. In reality, it is just a single mark on the calendar that encourages everyone to show love. To some, it may not even be that big of a deal.

Even so, Valentine’s disappointment is a real thing, and it is happening.

When two people in a relationship are not on the same page about how they want to honor the day, chances are, they didn’t even try talking about it beforehand. And rather than being thankful to have been together for the holiday, it will only manifest counterproductive fights and confrontations.

To avoid these, love the presence of your partner rather than the idea of being loved. This way, you won’t feel the least disappointed even if she didn’t prepare anything special on Valentine’s Day.

But if you love the idea of being loved, you’d hate her for not being as enthusiastic about the holiday as you. Look deeper into yourself, and ask why you chose to be with her in the first place.

You may want to give her the softest sweater this Valentine’s Day or take her to that carnival she always wished to visit someday, but sometimes, the best V-day gift cannot be bought or seen.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 10 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 16 July, 2024
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