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How to Dress While Dating in the Philippines

 A photo of beach and travel essentials laid out on a wooden floor Take note of these tips before you experience dating in the Philippines. | Photo by Oleg Magni on Unsplash

With everything you’ve learned about dating in the Philippines — through online guides like this one or through kind suggestions from family and friends — can you consider yourself ready to take on such an experience?

Basically, the first step in gaining the attention of Filipino women is to make a good impression. Modern courtship in the Philippines can be easy to navigate, but when it comes to first impressions, you have to look the part.

Before you get to show off that charming personality of yours, your overall appearance will be the first thing a Filipino woman will notice about you. We’re not talking about looking as handsome as a famous hollywood movie star, rather, we’re referring to how you dress and present yourself.

It should be pretty easy, right? Well, not for some.

If you want to know what it’s like dating a Filipina, you have to start with knowing how to get her to notice you. Don’t show up to a date dressing the way you would if you were meeting with friends.

While it’s important to feel comfortable when you’re in the process of trying to impress Filipina girls, let alone ask one out on a date, you should also consider if the way you dress is appropriate for the occasion.

First things first, don’t be late. Even if you’re up to date with the latest fashion trends, none of it will matter if you don’t know the basics when it comes to dating in the Philippines.

Knowing how to dress is important, but so is being familiar with the Filipino dating culture.

So with this guide, we have provided a few pieces of dating advice, as well as men’s dressing tips, to help you have a more pleasant dating experience in the Philippines.

Don’t just consider something because you feel good about it. Be sure to reflect on whether the same can be said for Filipino girls as well.

1. Get fit.

There’s no need for you to buff up and get toned, although it wouldn’t be a bad idea to hit the gym every now and then.

We’re simply referring to wearing clothes that fit you right. Starting from your button down shirt down to your choice of shoes, everything should fit perfectly.

Don’t go for baggy pants, ill-fitting sleeves, or shoes that are too big for you, unless you want your date to think about how funny you look instead of getting her to like you.

Remember that you should wear the clothes, and not let the clothes wear you.

2. Go dark and neutral.

Part of knowing how to dress appropriately is being aware of the color scheme of your clothes.

For shirts and pants, you can go for the color black, gray, white, or navy blue.

Not only are these easy to mix and match, but they also give you a polished and sophisticated look. Plus, they’re easier to match with your shoes.

Men are recommended to own at least a few of these neutral pieces. They’re basic, yet essential. You can swap them in between dates and you will still look attractive.

Whether it’s your shirt or pair of trousers, having them in dark or neutral colors won’t take away the attention from you, unlike those vibrant summer shirts which are more ideal if you’re heading to the beach.

3. Too much skin is a no-go.

If you are in fact heading to the beach for your date with a Filipina, be sure to put away those wildly flapping polos and rugged cut jeans. Don’t be so surprised, either. When you’re dating in the Philippines, it’s considered normal to spend a date at the beach.

Keep in mind that there is a certain charm to guys who can pull off showing a bit of their collar bone and chest area, but overdoing it can make you look too intimidating.

You can always get some fashion tips and ideas from several dating sites, but always remember that the goal is to attract women in the Philippines not just with your looks, but also with your appeal.

You will notice that most of these women are more on the conservative side, so to see the man they’re dating showing more skin than needed can be a major turn-off.

Take a deep breath and slow down. You want to impress, not put them under stress.

4. Ditch the statement piece.

Everyone wants to show up bold and bright in order to impress others.

We understand if you’d want to sport those branded shirts and coats, or your flashiest pair of shoes, but they will do you more harm than help.

Not only will you be totally out of place with these “statement items” in what should be a fun yet formal occasion, but you will also draw unsolicited attention from other people. As a result, it might make your Filipina date feel uncomfortable.

Clothing pieces such as these are just eye candy, and wearing them to a date where you would want your lady to focus on you can be self-defeating.

Where else would the conversation be headed if you did mean to wear these things as a conversation starter?

Reserve slipping into these pieces some other time. They may look good, but they are definitely not the best route to take this time around.

5. Take note of the little details.

Even if you look the most well groomed out of all the men around you, you can still fall short if you fail to notice even the tiniest of details.

These include making sure your nails and body hair have been trimmed correctly, if your choice of cologne is not too strong, and whether the accessories you wear complement your entire outfit.

All these little details can be reason enough for Filipino women to lose interest in you. If you can’t manage to take care of yourself, how do you think they’ll feel about you taking care of them?

If you cannot be bothered with being clean and composed, how else would your Filipina date take your sincerity?

Remember that these things can also be considered as major deal breakers for Filipino girls.

Dating in the Philippines the Right Way

Dating in the Philippines is a special occasion that calls for showing your stylish side. Being acquainted with the proper dress codes can go a long way, so you might as well be prepared before you start thinking about getting the approval of Filipino women.

While the result of your date nights may not solely rely on your looks and fashion choices, looking presentable is one way for Filipino women to know if you truly are invested in having a lasting relationship with them.

The end goal is for you to feel confident and comfortable in what you wear. However, when it comes to dating in the Philippines, be sure to take into consideration their culture as well. With that, you’ll be hitting two birds with one stone: Knowing how to dress appropriately and being able to impress beautiful Filipino women.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 22 May, 2024 - Tuesday, 28 May, 2024
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