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5 Unique Valentine’s Day Surprise Any Filipino Woman Will Appreciate

man and woman on blue clothes linking fingers to form a hear Learn the ways you can wow a Filipino woman with your unique Valentine’s Day surprises. | Photo by Edgar Chaparro on Unsplash

It’s that season again! Yes, we are talking about the annual celebration of Cupid’s arrow hitting hearts (and the feast of a third-century Roman saint), Valentine’s Day.

For some, this event is nothing more than a successful, ongoing marketing ploy and an outdated tradition, while others obsess about it as if their relationship statuses depended on it. (Maybe it does!)

And in such a scenario, many are already resigning to stress, frustration and annoyance. Their thoughts vary from “Why does one have to declare their love differently for a single day?” “Isn’t this simply a repeat of an anniversary?” and of course, the most common sentiment even though many men, usually, do not want to admit: “What can be done to deliver my message of love uniquely this year?”

It’s fine to run out of ideas you think are enough to express your admiration for that special woman in your life. It would only mean that you do your best each and every time for her, through surprises and more.

However, we can’t just allow you to repeat what you did last Valentine’s or simply go for the worn-out route of bouquets and chocolates. Because you still want to wow her this time, right?

Fret not. In this dating advice, we are listing down five unique surprise ideas for your lady. Not only are they one of a kind, but they are also well-thought-of and crazy romantic.

Believe us, no Filipino woman will be able to resist such special gifts!

1. Curate a personal Spotify playlist.

A smartphone playing songs from Spotify Filipino women are known to love music. A perfect gift, right? | Photo by Fixelgraphy on Unsplash

No matter how picky your partner is when it comes to music, no one can deny how utterly sweet it is to have someone dedicate a song for you. What more if it’s a full and personalized playlist? That’s a 10/10 move right there, straight to the heart.

And for a Filipina, songs make it even more special as they are connected to the Philippine culture of “harana,” where Filipino men traditionally serenade their love with a romantic ballad. For you, however, we are transforming it into a digital format with the same heartfelt intent.

Want to take it a notch higher? Pick OPM, or Original Pinoy Music. Nothing says real dedication more than making an effort to understand her language and her personal faves.

Just think of this: No long-distance relationship or year-old marriage can dismiss the beauty and power of the universal language that is music.

2. Donate to an organization under her name.

A woman showing a handful of coins and a strip of paper Giving to causes your special Filipino woman cares about is one good way to make her truly fall for you. | Photo by Kat Yukawa on Unsplash

Just because it’s Valentine’s Day and everyone else is out there sending luxurious gifts to their dates doesn’t mean that you have to follow suit. Not everyone equates love and sincerity with those that they can grasp and wear. You should be thrilled that your partner is more than just a member of the “Instagram generation.”

If you want to make a way to her heart while showing that you truly care for what she believes in, and honestly want to make a significant change in the world, why not donate to the causes she advocates? This way, you can convey to her that you support and respect her passions. And no fretting over shopping, wrapping and delivery this way!

No matter how much you give — money- or effort-wise — for the surprise, surely this year’s holiday will carry a new meaning in her heart. What’s stronger than a relationship built on kindness and shared passion?

3. Go diving in one of the best spots in the country.

woman underwater The one thing that can compare to the beauty of the seas is a Filipino woman’s. | Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

If there’s one other thing that could have got you smitten to the Philippines aside from your lady love, it would be the majestic beaches. Throw a dart anywhere on the map and, surely, you’ll find one. There’s little to no chance you haven’t vacationed there as they literally border the whole country and must be the cheapest piece of heaven you can find on earth!

Where are we leading with these? Obviously, to another ingenious Valentine’s Day idea: diving!

One cannot miss the chance to bask in the beauty and richness that is the Philippine oceans. And what could be a more thrilling and more memorable adventure for you and your partner than experiencing the world’s center for marine diversity?

Imagine isolating yourselves from the city noise and simply being one with nature, even for a short time... Don’t worry, laying by the powder-white sand along the coast is a perfect way to end the day.

4. Record an audiobook for her.

soft focus on a microphone head This could be one of the most unexpected surprises to have for that lovely Filipino woman. | Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Did we catch you off guard with this suggestion? Not many would think of preparing a recording for their loved ones, especially an audiobook at that. But, surprise, surprise, it’s actually not that hard.

There’s no need for you to set up a piece of sophisticated equipment to achieve this — a simple laptop and headpiece with a microphone will do. As for the story you are going to record, this is where you can insert your personal, loving touch.

Use your own love story. Retell it as if you were reading from a storybook. But don’t stress over creating the perfect storyline; it’s sweeter when it’s done candidly and from the heart.

What’s good about this personal audiobook is that it can be used time and time again, for Valentine’s Day or not. She can play it while driving to work, doing her gym sets or even to help her fall asleep when you are far away.

What a romantic way to bring back those feelings you first had when the relationship was still new and find it grow into what you have now.

5. Give an actual fresh and living flower.

back view of woman in a flower garden You can always go classy with a twist for this Filipino woman. | Photo by Noelle Otto on Pexels

We understand if flowers and the whole entourage is a tradition you still want to honor this Valentine’s Day. No one’s saying no! However, we can put a fresh and possibly better spin on this classic by foregoing the bouquet.

If we are all for meaning this love month, then won't offering her an actual living plant carry a message far greater than a fresh stem cut? Not only will the plant not wither after a few days, but it will also make a good marker for every year you two are together. Soon, you will have a garden of your own where every date night can be held.

Cute, classic and charming all potted in one!

Spending considerable time and thought over the perfect Valentine’s Day present is something that many do. But we hope that with this dating advice, men like you will have new options to pick from.

Don’t be afraid to go outside of the box and make the surprise even more personal. Once you do, as the above list states, you’ll surely have a more than memorable time together. The day won’t go by without hearing a sincere and precious “Mahal kita!” from her. Enjoy and have a happy Valentine’s Day!

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 12 June, 2024 - Tuesday, 18 June, 2024
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