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3 Types of Filipina Beauty You’ll See Dating in the Philippines

Filipina woman posing What’s it like dating in the Philippines? | Photo by JC Romero on Pexels

What makes a Filipino woman?

Filipino women, also known as Filipinas, are some of the most beautiful people you will ever encounter. In fact, it is their beauty and brains that bag them wins in beauty pageants, both local and international. Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach said: “confidently beautiful with a heart,” which may be the most fitting description for Filipino women.

Due to their history, the Filipina beauty consists of more than the typical tanned babe you’re familiar with. It is an amalgamation of Chinese, Spanish, American, Japanese, and native Filipino features.

Here are the 3 types of Filipina beauty you'll encounter dating in the Philippines:

Mestiza Filipinas

Filipinas with a predominantly eurocentric beauty are locally referred to as tisay. These beauties may have strong caucasian features, but that doesn’t make them any less of a Filipino. In fact, Mestizas are dominating the Filipino industry! Be it pageantry, modeling, acting, or music, these icons are trailblazing pioneers who pave the way for Filipinas everywhere.

Filipinas with mixed blood are quite common considering the Philippines is a melting pot of various ethnicities. Although they may not look like it, Mestizas are Filipinos through and through.

Chinita Filipinas

Filipinas with distinct East Asian features are called Chinitas. “Chinita” has been used primarily to refer to Chinese-Filipinas. Recently, the term has been expanded to include those of Japanese or Korean descent.

Intercultural traditions and values of Chinese and Filipino women go way back, even before the Spanish colonization. Over the years, Chinese-Filipinas have become a common sight in the Philippines and are more colloquially coined as Chinay.

These Chinays have played a significant role in molding the current Filipino culture, as they embrace both their roots equally. It is their influence that changed the scene in Filipino cuisine, traditions, clothing, and even music.

Morena Filipinas

Filipinas with a tanned complexion are called Morenas. Morenas are considered the poster child of Filipina beauty, regardless of whether they are of mixed racial ancestry or not. These beauties are the most common ones you will find in the Philippines.

Dark skinned Filipinos experienced extreme prejudice during the Spanish colonial period. This resulted in Filipinos adapting to the colorist mentality. Many thought that having pale skin was synonymous with being beautiful and rich. This mentality is what eventually turned Morenos and Morenas into victims of colorism.

Fortunately, Filipinos have learned to go against this western standard of beauty. They have learned to adapt to their own standards, being proud of their identity and native roots. Having dark skin is now considered an ideal beauty trait, leaving Morenas to celebrate around the world.

The beauty of a Filipino woman is a conundrum. You can’t exactly define what it is that makes her unique. There is more to a Filipina than what you see on the surface. It is imperative that you understand their innate qualities before you start dating in the Philippines.

Understanding Filipino Culture

What are the things to know about Filipino culture?

Filipinos are sociable by nature. It is their cheerful disposition that helps them win people over and earns them their hospitable reputation.

Guests are always welcomed with open arms in a family gathering. Filipinos go the extra mile to make them feel welcome. Reciprocating the gesture would be highly appreciated.

Showing respect is a core part of Filipino culture that is often practiced through speech and gestures. When a Filipino meets someone senior to them, they use titles of respect to address these people. These honorifics include but are not limited to:

Pakikisama is a trait that most Filipinos share, which means “getting along with one another.” Social adaptability is a skill that most Filipinos master in order to widen their social circle.

To them, socialization is an important component to a fully functional community that helps them build close ties with one another. You may often see them celebrate different kinds of fiestas, as they love engaging in any sort of camaraderie and festivities.

One thing Filipinos don’t like is to be in debt of someone’s favor. This is what is commonly known as utang na loob. Returning favors to Filipino women is a display of empathy. Although they go the extra mile for others, Filipinas find it shameful if others are to do the same.

If you do something out of kindness, women from the Philippines will insist on returning the gesture.

Courting a Filipino Woman

How does dating a Filipina work?

With online dating and several international dating apps, Filipinos have widened their perspective on the prospects of finding love.

You may encounter some opportunistic individuals. It is important to be aware of how you are putting yourself up in the market. There is so much to learn about Filipino culture. Particularly when cultural aspects are not limited to what you read online.

So before you woo the Filipina of your choice, here are some ways to sweep them off their feet:

Filipinas put a high emphasis on courtship. As the majority of the population are devout Catholics, marriage is held in the highest regard. Divorce is seen as a sacrilegious act.

Before committing themselves, Filipinos go through various lengths to deter any persistent pursuer before deeming you worthy and saying yes. Though it’s a tedious and tumultuous journey, it’s one worth taking. Such is the life of romance, particularly when dating in the Philippines.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 17 April, 2024 - Tuesday, 23 April, 2024
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