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Couple Appreciation Month: 6 Zen Places to Visit with Your Filipino Partner

Most couples celebrate birthdays, monthsaries, and anniversaries. But what about Couple Appreciation Month? Are they supposed to mark their google calendars for this too?

While National Couple Appreciation Month isn’t as popular as yearly staples such as Valentine’s day, it is quickly gaining traction among romantics everywhere, including the Philippines.

It’s all in the name - couples taking time off to show each other the love and appreciation they deserve.

But what are the best ways to celebrate this month of love the Filipino way? What are the best ways to sweep your Filipino girlfriend off her feet?

Thankfully, mother nature has given us more than a few amazing ways to spend couple months like April.

Take her out and enjoy some breathtaking destinations on a trip to the Philippines with just the two of you. Because why not?

A photo of a couple enjoying backpacking. Take time off to celebrate Couple’s Appreciation Day the Filipino way.

1. Nurture Wellness Village (Tagaytay)

Pay a visit to the pioneer wellness spa in the Philippines.

The country is known for its abundance of spas, wellness centers, and massage parlors. The sheer number of these establishments ensures that you have the opportunity to destress whether you are in or out of the city.

Escape the bustle of the city and head to Tagaytay. Pamper yourselves as you unwind in the Village, located and hidden in the mountains. Nurture Wellness Village is a safe place for people who carry burdens in life - both physical and emotional.

You can both immerse yourselves in the healing power of nature with their spa’s brand of “ecotherapy.” They claim that the people who arrive at their spa are lost and broken but soon leave with peace of mind, body and spirit.

Also, the Filipino hospitality is evident in Nurture Village Spa from the attendants to all of the people managing the place.

2. Hideout (San Felipe, Zambales)

If you ever feel the need to relax, then go experience the chill vibes at Liwliwa.

This is a hostel bordered by luscious greenery and packed with homey ambiance.

Rather than staying upfront on the beach, the cottages in Hideout sit next to a river. Some pine trees are surrounding the cottages.

When you decide to stay here, you can always begin your morning hearing the sound of the birds and the winds. They also have various organic coffee, teas and tablea where you can choose and enjoy.

They have a hammock where you can peacefully lay with your partner.

You can also surf, skim, go fishing or rafting, visit nearby waterfalls, take a good nap or enjoy the sunset by the beach in Hideout.

The serenity of the place will delight you and your partner.

3. The Birdhouse (El Nido, Palawan)

This started off as a glamping experience with s’mores night, a short hike and spectacular views.

Birdhouse is now considered the leader in lifestyle tourism in El Nido.

The Birdhouse is an intimate glamping site that is unique and appealing to travelers who are looking for a nature-based experience and lifestyle.

Nests, also known as rooms, were created as a restful base for travelers to relax and enjoy breathtaking tropical views. They use tents creatively to have beautiful nests for their guests.

The mother nest, also known as the main house, is the common area for breakfast, coffee, and relaxation for all of the guests.

Situated on top of the Birdhouse property is their yoga studio that offers the best sunset.

Take a break from the beach and get some of El Nido’s best view from a hillside jungle.

A man and a woman kayaking in the beautiful waters of the Philippines. Experience the revitalizing scenery of Philippine islands.

4. The Farm at San Benito (Lipa, Batangas)

The Farm is an eco-luxury holistic medical wellness resort.

It rests on a green jungle, with a beautiful view of the mountains, with fresh air and life-giving energy that radiates around the property.

They offer an environment that is nourishing, that allows people to find their inner peace.

They also have different holistic treatments done by competent individuals of doctors, yoga teachers, and fitness coaches.

You can enjoy activities such as yoga, power walks, functioning fitness, and golf here at The Farm.

5. Luljetta’s Hanging Garden Spa (Antipolo)

Escape to a secret garden away from the metro.

This is the first hanging garden spa in the Philippines. They have health and wellness services amidst garden groves and lush greenery which is a comfort to both body and soul. They have a picturesque view of the mountains.

A day is not enough to enjoy their amenities such as the pools, sauna, jacuzzi, foot machine massage, and their massage chair. They also have spa treatments that you can avail of.

This Hanging Garden Spa is a great place to enjoy and celebrate with your partner.

6. Lumot Lake (Cavinti, Laguna)

Because life is full of preoccupations and distractions, we often find ourselves out of time and energy to fully appreciate our loved ones.

The solution? Get away from it all.

Taking time off to fully immerse in nature’s finest isn’t just cathartic, it allows us to see our partners in a new light.

Lumot Lake is the definition of getting away from it all.

There are many private rental houses you can choose from - bungalows, cottages, or tents. What better way to spend a happy couple day than an exclusive overnight stay?

Lumot lake is a man-made lake which is a popular destination for watersports and glamping sites. It has a lovable pristine feel that forces you to ease and loosen up.

Some of the activities you can enjoy with your partner are:

Celebrate in an Intimate and Healing Way

Appreciation starts in the heart and mind. But if our hearts and minds are full of clutter to begin with, then there is no space for love and good memories.

Traveling with your partner is one way of creating new memories together. The Philippines is full of places where you can lose yourselves totally.

With these Zen places in mind, you can make sure that you can strengthen and celebrate your relationship this Couple Appreciation Month.

You will both be transported into a peaceful place, where you can love your partner with your whole being.

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